San Miguel de Allende the best city in the world !!!???
san miguel is a picturesque city located in Mexico's central highlands. It has lovely local color as well as interesting culture and history. The city is graced with beautiful colonial-period churches, lovely public parks and squares, and charming cobblestone streets lined with stately centuries-old mansions. A large part of its attraction to many visitors lies in its cosmopolitan atmosphere that is due to the large expat community based in the city.

Readers of Condé Nast Traveler selected San Miguel as the number one city in the world. with the list of Top 25 Cities in the World as selected by reader opinion. According to Conde Nast, 1.3 million votes were cast in this year's awards, making it their most comprehensive to date. Budapest, Hungary and Florence, Italy nabbed the second and third spots on the list of top world cities.

What do you think: 
1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  2.= Budapest, Hungary  3.= Florence, Italy   4. Salzburg, Austria  5.= Charleston, South Carolina, United States 
6.= San Sebastián, Spain  7. Vienna, Austria  8. Rome  9. Siena, Italy 10. Québec City  11.= Cape Town, South Africa  12.= Bruges, Belgium 
13. Vancouver, Canada  14. Kyoto, Japan  15.= Prague, Czech Republic 16.= Kraków, Poland  17.= Victoria, Canada  17.= Sydney 17.= Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States 
20.= Seville, Spain 20.= Beirut, Lebanon 22.= Paris 22.= Melbourne, Australia 24.= Venice, Italy  24.= Barcelona, Spain


is a cosmopolitan and picturesque colonial city, internationally renowned.Its beautiful architecture and pleasant

 environment have made this city to become an important tourism center, visited by writers, 

artists and foreigners, some of which have made of San Miguel de Allende their home. 

Today high quality artistic and cultural events are carried out here, like the International Hall Music Festival, 

the Winter Classic Music Festival, the Wool and Brass Fair, and the Jazz Festival, among others.

the state of Guanajuato,  
Guanajuato was declared "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO in 1988
The beautiful mining city of Guanajuato, Jewel of the Americas, 
owes its fame and fortune to the discovery of rich mineral veins of gold and silver. 

In prehispanic times, the region was inhabited by nomad tribes known as Chichimecas. 
The Spanish first arrived in 1541, and Guanajuato was officially founded in 1570. 
In 1741, Guanajuato was granted the title of City by King Phillip V of Spain. the Legislative Palace,
 the Monument to Peace, the Monument to Hidalgo, and the reservoir Presa de la Esperanza. 

During the presidency of Benito Juarez, Guanajuato was temporarily the capital of Mexico .
 In 1903 General Porfirio Diaz, then president of Mexico, inaugurated the Teatro Juárez, 
In 1945, the State College became the University of Guanajuato, and in 1953, 
performances of the short comic plays known as Entremeses Cervantinos began. 
These performances would later be the seed for the creation of the most important artistic and cultural 
event in Latin America, the International Cervantino Festival, which began in 19

San Miguel's climate
High Temp C/F 22/71 23/74 25/78 27/81 28/83 27/80 25/78 25/78 24/76 24/76 23/74 22/71
Low Temp C/F 8/46 9/48 10/50 12/54 14/57 14/58 14/58 14/58 14/57 12/54 10/49 8/47
Rain (inches/mm) 0.5/12 0.1/2 0.2/4 0.8/20 1.3/32 5.0/125 4.7/120 4.6/117 4.7/120 1.7/43 0.6/15 0.4/10

Founded by a Franciscan monk in 1542, San Miguel de Allende is one of a group of historic colonial cities in central Mexico—an important stop for traders on the Antiguo Camino Real to the silver mining cities of Guanajuato, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, and Mineral de Pozos. Located in the center of colonial Mexico, San Miguel is also known as the birthplace of Mexican independence. In 1926, the Mexican Government declared the town a national historic monument. In order to preserve San Miguel’s beautiful, authentic colonial character, development in the historic town center, or centro, is restricted. San Miguel recently earned Unesco World Heritage Site status.

In the 1950′s, this quaint town, with its vibrant colors, cobblestone streets and golden light, began to attract artists. Two major art schools were founded—the Bellas Artes and the Instituto Allende. For many, a visit is not enough and they decide to move to, or retire in Mexico. Today San Miguel de Allende itself is a quaint, cobblestone-street lined town that attracts tourists from all over North America as well as people from Mexico City, artists, craftspeople and expatriates who have moved to San Miguel. The town square, or jardin, is the heart of the town and the center of much of its social activity, as well as a peaceful place to sit in the shade and watch the world go by.

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